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Frequently Asked Questions

Why doing business in Albania?
  • Albania is a gateway to the Balkans.
  • Free Trade Area
  • Domestic economy and exports are expanding
  • Total labor costs are lower than comparable countries.
  • Flexible and adaptable skilled labor force.
  • Extensive language skills, most of the younger generation speak fluently more than two languages.
Where to invest?
  • The proportion of land in the agricultural use is only 24%. With the Albanian government initiative “Albania 1 euro” you may easily do investments.
  • All sectors are open to foreign investors, and no need of prior government authorization.
  • Albania has one of the youngest populations in Europe and consists in a very competitive workforce.
Attitudes and Tradition in Albania
  • In Albania a nod of the head means ‘no’ while shaking the head side to side means ‘yes’.
  • Albanian meetings tend to be conservative and reserved. A handshake and direct eye contact must be respected.
  • Gift giving and receiving is a large part of Albanian business.

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