3A Projects was established in 2014 as an innovative and perpetually improving solution to harmonically meet the needs of an expanding community and the urban and rural growth that follows it. 

We are a team of hard-working real estate developers, construction managers, architects and property managers. We develop lasting relationships built on trust, quality, and focusing on the long term. We encourage autonomy and a culture where the best ideas win. 

Our Vision

3A Projects overall goal is to offer professional expertise through highly- qualified teams in the real estate and property sector. 

We aim to contribute productively to the community by harmonizing the ethical approach of our company and the core values of the community as the target of our contribution. The span of our vision in real estate development, management and construction starts from ameliorating the life quality of one single person to the integration of the whole area. 

Our goals

We aim to maximize our efficiency to the benefit of our company and clients alike, through continuous hard work on our business model and strategies. 

Our business plan includes generating a lucrative ROI and expanding our business and our market reach. In turn, our growth will allow us to tap into more real estate development opportunities. 

We aspire to produce more successful projects, with the help and hard work of our cutting edge, professional, efficient and highly dedicated team In addition, our strategy of open communication and good work relationships as well as our commitment to quality will guarantee our clients’ satisfaction. All these strategies and values will come together to strengthen our brand and identity, making it a household name in the real estate market in Albania and Kosovo. 

Why 3A Projects

Bringing value to clients !

The “3A Projects” objective is to assist in a variety of specific management needs within a wide range of practical and functional services, such as:

We carve the best values of your company by: 

    • Reducing overhead by avoiding flashy offices and franchise fees. Instead, run the business from a smartphone and a small office. 
    • Implementing automation: this allows you to run a smaller back-office team efficiently. 
    • Allowing your agents to provide white-glove service by giving them a higher cut of the commission. This also helps bring in more clients. If clients see better service, they are more likely to refer your real estate brokerage to their friends and acquaintances. 
    • Create a mobile office by allowing agents to search listings, market themselves, complete paperwork, get support, network with each other, and communicate with clients with the use of a mobile app. 
    • Concentrating on branding with digital marketing, buyers are doing more of their own footwork on the Internet. Each agent should have a branded website that ranks high on search engines. They may also need a personal app they can share with clients. Allow the agents to use social media to their benefit. 

We are committed to growing our clients businesses by embracing technology, developing strong partnerships and providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

The company believes that designing innovative contemporary properties is not enough. The mind-set, the attitude and the dedication of every member of 3A Projects are the company’s greatest virtues and assets in one. 

We have in depth experience in all aspects of house building from land acquisition to project management and construction.

How we can help you?

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