3A Projects has the necessary insight and solutions to respond to specific local issues, whether the ultimate aim is to restructure city centers or create new neighborhoods. From the very outset of a project, we take into consideration the various economic, social, societal and environmental concerns inherent to the project. 

Our expert team covers a number of complex issues: 

Leading large-scale urban projects that encompass housing, office space, retail outlets, public institutions and facilities; respecting the spirit of the surroundings and rallying the various players around the project; assisting local authorities in their choices from initial specifications and preliminary studies right through to delivery, and on an ongoing basis throughout the life cycle of the project; anticipating changing needs and shaping tomorrow’s cities by placing innovation and sustainable development at the center of all projects. 

 3A Projects strives to unite all local players around a common goal based on an innovative, participatory approach and a shared determination to put the needs of individuals at the heart of the urban planning process. 

3A Projects has set itself apart through unique positioning as a building specialist and property developer. As a result, we are an established name in all market segments, including housing, offices, hotels, shopping centers, serviced residences, retirement homes and aged care facilities. 

3A Projects provides a tailored approach and personalized assistance to its private and public-sector customers at each and every stage of their project. This includes the search for available land, design, development and subsequent building maintenance. 

3A Projects specializes in new-build and renovation projects for both the public and private sectors. Our qualified teams are capable of undertaking deeply complex projects and are rigorous in assisting clients at every stage, from initial design right through to operations. 

The approach adopted by our company is based on consolidating the full scope of its cross-functional skills right from the initial stages of a project. This allows for our teams to consider building projects in their entirety, from the initial design stage through to operations and maintenance. 

3A Projects places particular emphasis on innovation, a factor that has led the company to success in gaining new markets. Our expertise in smart modular construction techniques has earned it renown in the construction of timber-framed buildings. 

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