3A Projectis a scaling property development company in Albania established in 2014responsible for acquiring, redeveloping and managing offices and residential real estate. 

Our activities include development and re-development with a focus on residential, apartment hotels, offices, and multifunctional buildings. 

We develop the building plan and design, attain the necessary public approval and financing, build the structures, and rent out, manage, and ultimately sell it. 

3A Project’s approach is to manage the details of the development process from property acquisition, project finance, design, construction, sales and marketing. The company offers its expertise in both new construction and transformations, and is active across the luxury, affordable, and institutional housing markets. 

With its remarkable properties, 3A Projects has achieved an enviable portfolio of success stories, which are the foundations of its reputation for delivering quality that is based on the high specifications built into every property. 

3A Projects is one of the largest networks of independent real estate agents in Albania and Kosovo. We cover residential, rural commercial, rental and holiday lettings. Nobody knows real estate better! 


Buying a home is one of the biggest financial commitment you’ll make. However, it’s also going to be an exciting turning point – one that will almost certainly make the most impact on your lifestyle. For many it will be a first step on the property ladder. Selecting the right home in the right area, organizing finance and negotiating the sale might all sound a little daunting. Allow us to guide you through the whole process, from finding the right home  through to finance arrangements and, finally, settling down 


  • Satisfied Customer 

We all know how important buying and investing on real estate market is, so you’ll want the best service, advice and value for money.  We make sure that every client remains satisfied on the selling end of this experience. 

  •  Communication & Advice 

You can only make the best financial decisions when you have all of the facts at hand, and you’ll have all of the facts as our agents do their job properly and keeps you in the loop.  

  •  Problem Resolution 

Whether you’re a landlord, renting a home, buying or selling, you can be sure a few problems are going to crop up along the way. For renters, this could be maintenance issues around the home, while for landlords it could be maintenance problems caused by the tenants! Whatever the case, it’s the role of the estate agent to act as an intermediary and to solve the problems to everyone’s satisfaction. That’s what our agents do! 


We make home renting as simple as possible! 

We aim to satisfy our clients, whether it relates to the buying or selling of a property, lease management or renting. 

 So, when you rent through a 3A Projects member, you know you’re dealing with the most considerate property managers in the business. 

Problem resolution is a fundamental skill for property managers and 3A Projects takes care to train its property managers thoroughly.  

3A Projects can construct and modify any projectbringing together skills and knowledge in meeting the client’s vision. 

Real estate construction in Albania is the act of bringing your home to life, that’s why it is the most complex and technically challenging phase of the real estate property life cycle. 

 This is a meticulous process, involving interaction with state and municipal institutions. The successful handling of such projects requires a coordinated effort by all project participants, as well as strong experience in project management, technical matters and legal issues. We guide you through this complex process and identify the milestones and risk points in order to make timely preparations for risk management solutions and measures. 

Within our years of experience, we have served numerous developers, strategic investors and infrastructure operators. We have assisted them with major infrastructure projects, complex zoning and regulatory matters, and greenfield developments. 


We origin and manage the design and engineering of your structure while providing our perceptions for efficiencies and revolution. To get started, we meet with you to determine the goals and objectives of the building project. A feasibility study is performed at the beginning to set budget parameters, location considerations, and project timelines. We also manage the necessary paperwork and subcontractors for each phase of the construction project. in Albania 


Our team of project managers in Albania bring the experience and commitment to complete your project. Each one of our project manager’s skilled in a specific industry, which ensures that your project has the right experts from start to finish. We work directly with professional group of architects and engineers, lending our skills and knowledge of the construction process to develop a plan with function and creativity that meets your goals, as well as your budget. 

We offer comprehensive facility and property management services in Albania for the entire lifecycle of a property. We take into account the needs of both, the property users and the owners, by serving our customers from different industries. 

When managing services on behalf of the customer, we take responsibility for managing costs, maintaining and developing value of the property, and the risks associated with business interruptions. 

We help our customers with topics such as increasing the use of renewable energy and developing real estate strategies. With our experience in property management and advisory services, we can ameliorate the energy efficiency of a property, bring cost savings and help our customers to meet legal obligations. 

 We satisfy our costumers needs by: 

    • covering property value development and life cycle management 
    • improving user satisfaction 
    • guaranteeing more efficient property management through digitalization and data driven decision making 
    • ensuring safe, healthy and sustainable property 
    • providing extensive technical expertise

Our Facility Management Services are adopting new and innovative technologies to provide better results to our clients.

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